How to Stay Focused: The Ultimate Guide
Author: Miki

Want to learn how to stay focused on your personal and professional goals, your dietary needs, your everyday life? Hang on. The chapters below will guide you through each step on your road to greater focus and concentration.  

What Are Focus and Concentration?

Focus, concentration, or attention are not really the same thing, but they are used interchangeably by the general population. And they usually point to the same thing: the mechanism our minds employ to process and manipulate information.

Attention, visualization, memorization, and other fundamental brain functions, all work together to eliminate unnecessary bits of data and offer the expected outcome (to memorize something, calculate how much you need to tip, even forget an unpleasant event).  

Why Do I Need Better Focus and Concentration?

Staying focused is mandatory for every task that appeals to even the slightest level of concentration.

If you want to do a simple mental math exercise, you will need to visualize the progress of the operations. If you’re going to memorize any information for school or a meeting at work, even a quick public speech, you need to zoom in your attention on just that single task.

And we’re inundated by distractions.

Multiple browser tabs, numerous social media apps, endless scrolls, different devices, open office workplaces, the list goes on. Technology is not the only issue.

As you’ll see, your productivity is affected by a large number of factors that range from obvious external distractors to internal variables related to the control you have on the task.

It’s challenging to keep your mind in one place, to say the least.

What Can I Do to Learn How to Stay Focused Longer and Faster?

So what can you do to improve your concentration and stay focused longer? Determination, intentionality, visualization, meditation and mindfulness and other types of focused concentration practices are fundamental to achieving better focus.<

If you’re serious about committing to an improved focused, we recommend going through all the chapters and address what’s needed in every particular setting or goal. You’ll find that each section adds something of value to your purpose.

Author: Miki

Executive editor, project manager, clinical psychology master’s graduate with a life-long obsession for personal development and mind hacking, inspirational quotes, and, productivity tools.

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