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These terms of use regulate all activity on the IWantToBeProductive.com website. If you use our website as a visitor or contributor, you agree to become bound by and follow these terms and regulations.

Please note that your agreement to these terms is implied by the sole use of our website. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use our website.

The IWantToBeProductive.com team reserves the right to alter these terms of use with or without prior notice to you. However, any updates to these terms will be posted on this page.

Violating the IWantToBeProductive.com terms of use can lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

How to Use the IWantToBeProductive.com Website

This section outlines how to interact with our website and content, as well as our systems, visitors, and contributors.

Here’s what you may do to get the most out of your visit on IWantToBeProductive.com and help others do the same:

·   Read, review, and copy content and materials on our website for personal use without needing our expressed consent beforehand;

·   Use our content and materials for educational purposes only after asking for and receiving our expressed consent;

·   List our content and website as reference by properly mentioning the source of the information and link the page(s) you reference;

·   Use one or two unaltered images as long as they are properly credited with a link back to the IWantToBeProductive.com website without needing our expressed consent;

·   Use our content or photos in bulk with the proper credit, but only after receiving our expressed permission, be it for a photo gallery, expert roundup, or other such pieces of content.

Here’s what you may not do as a visitor or contributor on the IWantToBeProductive.com website:

·   Breach these terms of use and other applicable international, national, state, or local laws;

·   Use the IWantToBeProductive.com website to infringe intellectual property rights, contractual rights, or fiduciary rights of third parties;

·   Use our website and its content for political or non-personal purposes;

·   Use our website for commercial purposes like submitting and propagating content with solicitation and advertisements;

·   Reproduce, duplicate, sell, or exploit our content for non-personal purposes without our expressed consent;

·   Post irrelevant content;

·   Repost content from our own website or from other websites;

·   Attempt to interfere with how the IWantToBeProductive.com website works;

·   Artificially impose an unusual amount of data on our systems, servers, and website;

·   Harass, threaten, impersonate, or intimidate another user, contributor, or our team;

·   Attempt to misrepresent a certain relationship with another entity or mislead our visitors, contributors, or team;

·   Provide false information in your contributions, communications with our team, or user account;

·   Attempt to take control of unauthorized resources related to the IWantToBeProductive.com website like our computer networks, systems, or tools that ensure our website is working properly and that confidential information stays that way;

·   Use our website to post or propagate materials and files with viruses, Trojans, worms, spiders, time bombs, cancelbots, and other malicious pieces of code that can hinder our website’s activity and/or with our users’ online and offline privacy and safety;

·   Use automated or artificial methods to download, copy, exploit, monitor, or propagate content found on the IWantToBeProductive.com website; this includes deep-linking, scraping, using robots, spiders, or other processes that either bypass or speed up the natural, intended browsing experience of our website;

·   Duplicate any of the content found on our website; please paraphrase, summarize, or link to our page instead;

·   Scan or test our website or physical systems for security or vulnerability issues.

User Conduct

This section outlines how to interact with our team members, contributors, and visitors for a smooth, safe, and informative browsing experience.

When Posting Comments

Everyone can post comments as long as they follow the regulations in these terms of use. We actually encourage and seek discussions and constructive criticism, so feel free to share your thoughts with us and our other users!

To make sure the conversation stays informative and doesn’t become redundant, please make sure you look over the already posted comments and check if the topic has already been covered or not.

Keep in mind we do not tolerate vulgar or offensive content such as explicit, racist, or sexist language and materials or otherwise illegal content.

When Interacting with Users & Contributors

Please be civil when interacting with the users and contributors of the IWantToBeProductive.com website. Any attempt (either failed or successful) to deceive or take advantage of our users, contributors, and team will be punished with a permanent ban and notifying the authorities.

Third Party Links & Ads

The content on IWantToBeProductive.com can contain links and ads to third parties that help us make our content and website more informative and user-friendly. While we carefully select the third parties we link to, please keep in mind these are managed and supervised by other entities and have their own terms of use and privacy policies. We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused by dealings with a third party entity.

Affiliate Program Disclaimer

IWantToBeProductive.com is part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which rewards websites like ours with an advertising fee for referring buyers to Amazon.com. Therefore, when you make a purchase after recently visiting our website, the retailer grants us a financial reward.

Rest assured, though, this affiliation does not influence the price you pay for the products you purchase as Amazon.com grants us the advertising fee out of their own earnings. This also does not change the content of our reviews, articles, or guides.

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