Time Management Apps for All Needs and Purposes [Infographic]
Author: Miki

Today there are literally thousands of apps available. Just think of the number of gadgets we use: phones, tablets, ebook readers, notebooks, desktops, smart speakers, smartwatches, activity monitors, etc. We have a device and a ton of apps to accompany them, for virtually every action we take. Simply check your App Store or Google Play to see how many you’ve installed so far!

So back in December, we published 100+ best time management apps to suggest a comprehensive list of apps that could help you stay on track or improve your productivity in every aspect of your life – from your job to your creative spurs, to your moods and habits tracking.

And now, as you can see in the infographic below, we compiled a visual representation of the fact that there’s a time management and a time saving app for all needs and purposes:

If you’d like us to add ratings to these apps in a future article, tell us what are your favorite apps, what do they help you achieve. Have you tested an app that people usually say is awesome, but you personally dislike? Is there such a thing as a perfect app?

We’d love to hear from you!

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Author: Miki

Executive editor, project manager, clinical psychology master’s graduate with a life-long obsession for personal development and mind hacking, inspirational quotes, and, productivity tools.

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