If you find your head stuck to the pillow on Mondays, there are ways to help resolve your day one of the work-week angsts. Here are 14 tips to kick-start your week.

1. Office Optimism

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This isn’t advice; it is just funny. Some people like to joke with each other, saying, “Only five more days!” Everyone is counting down the days left to go until Saturday. Relate to your peers. Have a little fun.

2. Musical Motivation

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Putting on your favorite playlist or podcast is a great way to power through the day. Find a favorite podcast that releases new episodes every Monday, so you can find yourself looking forward to that day. Listen to it at work if you can.

3. Go for a Walk

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Moving your body before work is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health. If you have a dog, start an early morning routine together.

4. Hit the Gym

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If walking isn’t your thing, head to the gym to lift weights or attend a workout class. Working out is a great way to destress and center yourself before heading to work. Plus, you’re putting yourself first every day.

5. Fake Monday Meetings

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Put a fake meeting on your calendar so no one will bother you first thing Monday morning. I love this idea — you avoid tedious impromptu encounters by booking yourself out.

6. Meditate


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Start your day with a little meditation to set your weekly intention. If you don’t have time to do this before work, go for a walk at lunch, or find a quiet space to stay calm, grateful, and centered.

7. Cool Water


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Drink a full glass of water before your morning coffee. Water improves mental dexterity. It is important to get up and stretch your legs and back from sitting as you head to the water machine, giving you a good excuse to banter with coworkers.

8. Stop the Cappuccino

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According to neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, we should delay that coffee craving in the morning for at least 90 minutes. This method eliminates the afternoon lull when caffeine leaves our system. I don’t know if I’ll be doing this.

9. Learn the Software

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Get better at using the company software. Most people will only know how to use it at a surface level. If you can do your work more efficiently in less time, you can avoid the early morning crunch.

10. Be Self-Employed

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If you can, don’t schedule any meetings on Mondays. You can relax, complete paperwork, and ease into the week.

11. Treat Thyself

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Self-love is underrated. Why not choose the saddest part of the week to treat yourself? Eat a special breakfast every Monday morning. The meal will make you look forward to getting up and going to work.

12. Wake Up Earlier

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Wake up two or three hours before leaving the house for work. It will give you time to relax at home before jumping into the weekly grind.

13. Work From Home

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Not everyone has this luxury, but those who can work from home, even one day a week, say they choose to bring their laptop home on Mondays. It’s a slower start, and they can do more work at their kitchen table than at the office.

14. Coffee, Everyday

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Finally, some inspiration we all need. Having a cup of coffee or beverage you look forward to enjoying to jump-start your day is fun.

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